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May 29th, 2015

Checking What is Out There

There are times when you need to be updated, times when you need to listen to your own mind, and times when you have to do intelligent combinations of both. For house buying, you usually have to know what is out there and have a good, clear idea of what you are looking for at the same time.

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Fortunately, there are a lot of outlets to get information both to be up-to-date and to help organize your own thoughts. Take a look at real estate magazines and listings in the papers. Taking a look at pictures provided will let you know what houses are going on sale these days and will give you an idea about what kind of house you want. Go online and do this there as well. Chances are, you will get a whole lot more especially in the way of pictures, online. Also, look at getting a broker. Brokers will have access to listings and will help you narrow down your search according to budget and preference.

May 22nd, 2015

Best Time to Invest is Now

Posted by Robert in Financing, Real Estate, Tips

Investing in the US real estate market today can be pretty risky. There’s no avoiding the thought that the market has been in a tailspin lately and, according to sources, may get worse by the end of the year. Yet, this may also be the best time to invest, as real estate values are down and you easier to buy and invest into.

Here are some basic tips in real estate investing:

  • Find an agent with the right experience. An agent whose name appears on a lot of signs on locations or property for sale will know on how to best price and sell your real estate
  • Make low offers correctly. A low offer to a sales agent may offend him but you need to be upfront on things or concerns about what needs to be repaired or improved in your real estate.
  • Look for extra opportunities. These are things like a full basement that can be converted into living space, or attic space that can be made into a bedroom or office, or an extra lot that can be split off and sold without reducing the value of the home much.
  • May 15th, 2015

    Silver Lining

    Posted by Robert in News, Real Estate

    Have you ever seen someone that works better when the odds are against him or when everything around him seems to be failing? A smile despite everyone around him crying and gnashing their teeth? There’s a company who have decided to see the current real estate situation as an opportunity rather than a bane. For instance, the Los Angeles real estate firm, CB Richard Ellis just closed a $2.1 billion investment fund. The money will be used to buy properties nationwide.

    Through this fund, the firm will be buying both properties that are only in need of minor repairs and those that need more improvements. The latter will fund real estate development.

    CB Richard Ellis Investors is an independently operated affiliate of Los Angeles-based CB Richard Ellis Group Inc., the world’s largest real estate brokerage.


    May 8th, 2015

    Who Dictates the Price?

    Posted by Victoria in Estate Agent

    Selling your property can be a complex thing. A lot think that it is a matter of deciding to put your house up and then making those ubiquitous ‘for sale’ signs and flyers. It is much more than that. A successful sale is often a result of research, consultation, and correct packaging. If you have the time and are willing to put in the effort, then it is entirely possible to do this on your own. But if you are time-strapped or feel generally clueless, then hiring a professional is the way to go.


    A real estate broker can help guide you when you price your property because you are the only one who can set the price. You may do this independently or you may take a recommended figure. A real estate broker can give you information about market trends, about how much a square meter is where you live, how much land sells in your area and the like. So, if you don’t know what to base your home’s price on, getting help will definitely result in a fair and accurate price.

    May 1st, 2015

    Bailout – Naaah!

    repoPeople have been reveling since the bailout bill was passed and the President has said and reiterated that his administration is out to help the American public, one problem, no bailout funds actually getting out. What, there is in fact a long process to get all the cash out to the millions of people who need them to stem foreclosure on their properties and having no other option, they turn to foreclosure rescue companies who are out for big bucks. The situation according to one expert is like having a shark where the blood is and that’s what is really happening. These rescue companies take your money and are never heard of again.
    People have complained that these firms simply disappear when they have finished their job, which is nice for they have after all prevented you from losing your home but what happens after that still fails and the funds are still not there to help you, who knows.

    April 24th, 2015

    Mall Property Default Sends Shivers Through the Industry

    closedforbusinessThe collapse of the many real estate developers and owners who operate many malls in the US sent shivers down the spine of many estate agents and industry experts who got a wake-up call as to the extent of the real estate market troubles that are plaguing them to this day. These are some of the largest rental property owners in many US states and them falling victim to the faltering economy are a staunch reminder that recovery is to be long and painful. People are also finding it harder to cope with the economic conditions due to more troubles on the economic sides and with the social impacts of such economic woes. (more…)

    April 17th, 2015

    Would your use Solar Panels in your Home?

    Posted by editor in Estate Planning Advice, Real Estate

    As far as going green is concerned, energy utilization is by far one of the most common things that people have to worry about. We all know that they are an important need to operate our home gadgets and appliances but the energy use is something that we would end up having to think of once our energy bills start coming in.

    So we see solar panels being the talk of the town these days. With that in mind, how can you fit in and start looking for the best way to conserve energy? Just browse the web and look for the professionals who specialize in it. It is worth the time and effort.

    April 10th, 2015

    Two tips to save on home insurance premiums

    Posted by editor in Home Insurance, Tips

    If you find your home insurance a bit high, these tips may help you out:

    1. If you’re a smoker, stop.
    Insurance companies tend to give higher insurance premiums to smokers because of the fire hazard posed by smoking. You may consider yourself careful, but you never know with fire and cigarettes – all it takes is a little, seemingly insignificant accident, a little spark, and the you may suddenly be faced with losing all you own.

    2. Invest in security and home protection systems.
    You can try to avail lower premiums if you install things like a security system, floodlights, smoke detectors sprinklers, sturdy, durable locks, or any other sort of device aimed at preserving your home. Homeowners with homes that are well taken care of pay a lot in maintenance, but save on insurance premiums. Not to mention that they also enjoy a safer life in their home.

    April 3rd, 2015

    Loft or Studio: What is your Pick

    Posted by Brian in Estate Planning Advice, Real Estate

    When we go into the urban living lifestyle, we have two choices as far as homes are concerned, lofts or studio types. People often look for ordinary types of available accommodations and these two are sure to be among the places to be shown.

    Much of this has to do with gaining access to a home that has just the right size for small independent living. Not all people may find it feasible to live in such places with large size considering what would they do with it. Also, why should you pay for something large when you only have yourself to live there and perhaps find yourself going to your ancestral homes on vacations and weekends?

    March 27th, 2015

    Real Estate Finance & Investments II

    Posted by Lei in Information

    1.jpgReal Estate Finance and Investment II is the second of the two-course sequence. The latest course is focused on advanced topics in their macro level. The topics include decisions to be made when it comes to collections of individual assets in real estate like the portfolio which is actually the decisions in the firm level and the considerations in the investment management. The course offers a few of the key concepts, principles, analytical methods and tools that ca be used when deciding to make a decision in investing and financing commercial real estate assets. Some main public capital market real estate vehicles, REITs and MBS will be introduced and surveyed in this course.

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