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July 25th, 2015

India: Massive Growth in Real Estate

Posted by Lei in India

The booming Indian Real Estate has made Property developers billionaires overnight, with profit overflowing in the sector. Office and shopping mall rentals continued their upward trend, the pace being very vigorous in Delhi and Mumbai. At present Mumbai is at the second place in the list of most expensive office markets in the world with Delhi at eighth.

The real estate industry is estimated to reach $60 billion by 2010 with a growth rate of 30 per cent. The industry entered the Dalal Street in a big way and floated 12 public issues in the year, making it a leading sector in terms of fund raising.


July 18th, 2015

Buying Existing Homes and Remodeling

Posted by editor in Estate Planning Advice, Real Estate

There are people who look at existing structures and then take it from there. Remodeling is certain to be the main intent of these people since it saves them the problem of time and money. Also, the location is another factor since people do not want to gamble on underdeveloped places where the land value will vary for sure.

If you look at the new properties today, you will find that many of them are in “to be developed” areas. There is a risk but you can imagine how much you can gain if they are successful. In existing ones, the cost is already there and the value has been set. With that in mind, it depends on if you are willing to gamble or plainly live simple.

July 10th, 2015

Basics Before You Invest

Posted by Victoria in Tips

Before you invest in anything, there is a way to know if you are at least on the right track towards a good decision. There are basics to consider when investing that are easy to find out with a little bit of effort.


Take the time to research on how schools are doing in the area you are considering. Positive school feedback is always an indicator of a good place to live in. Another indicator is how low taxes are. Tax changes per area so looking into this can be a guideline before buying. Finally, looking at price is important. It is essential to stick to your budget. Comparing two areas that are bedside each other an looking at one with lower home selling prices is one way to go when making decisions.
These are very basic tips and not the only things you should consider but these can surely help you narrow your areas of interest.

July 3rd, 2015

Mortgages Fail – A Lot of Them

Posted by Lei in Uncategorized

Mortgages are indeed at some of the lowest levels in recent history yet there are also a lot of defaults meaning a huge percentage of these mortgages/housing loans are falling into default. Lenders are already burdened with a lot of inventory, not being able to dispose of them at their previous prices or at the listing price. Banks and other lenders on the commercial scale are however finding it easy pickings for with properties selling at ever lower prices, they are having a party gobbling them up and adding to their inventories for sale at higher prices or developed into investment properties for future generations. Seems we will have to wait for the recovery period which isn’t coming anytime soon.

June 26th, 2015

Duties and Responsibilities of an Agent

Posted by Lei in Information

4.jpgNormally stated in a written listing agreement to sell property, the agent should only represent the seller. The agent will only be allowed to represent the buyers under a written consent from the seller. In the same manner that an agent representing a buyer is not allowed to represent a seller unless the buyer agrees otherwise. When the transaction starts, the agent is expected to be reasonably careful and diligent to his client as well as to the other people involved in the transaction. He is also responsible to make sure that any deal should always be done in good faith and with all honesty.

June 19th, 2015

Leasing Not to Own

Posted by Brian in Estate Planning Advice, Real Estate

As far as living in the busy streets, we look for properties mainly as a temporary respite. They are not investments but rather temporary homes to which we can reside in for the meantime that we are working and saving for better days ahead.

By better days we are referring to saving up for something that we can look forward to when we retire. In the early stages of our career, we will be looking at our future and eventual retirement to which we want homes we can look forward to. Given time, the right property or real estate venture to invest on will come.

June 12th, 2015

Real Estate Info is Free

Posted by Robert in Tips, Views

The triple threat real estate seller problems: weak market, legal pressures, and increasing competition, has pushed the agents to offer previously held information to the net for free. This is one trend that helps both the buyers and brokers. This information provides the brokers with just enough information to give buyers a one-site stop for all their real estate needs.

“It’s a natural evolution of competition and what consumers want,” said C. Robert Hale III, chief executive of the Houston Association of Realtors, which operates the area’s M.L.S. “The consumer wants to see everything.”

How will this change the current way agents and brokers sell, we’ll know in a few months.


June 5th, 2015

More Options in a Frantic Real Estate Biz

Posted by Brian in Estate Planning Advice, Real Estate

Home and shelter are obvious needs of people today but the thing is, are they really doing people a favor? This is practically the best question to ask since we all know that business in the property sector can boom and fall at any moment.

One factor working for most in this aspect is hard times. Not all people are willing to shell out thousands of dollars if they cannot maintain the property. For most, having a place to stay now and when they retire is important. However, it would be best to note when this would be and where the place to be invested on should be.

May 29th, 2015

Checking What is Out There

There are times when you need to be updated, times when you need to listen to your own mind, and times when you have to do intelligent combinations of both. For house buying, you usually have to know what is out there and have a good, clear idea of what you are looking for at the same time.

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Fortunately, there are a lot of outlets to get information both to be up-to-date and to help organize your own thoughts. Take a look at real estate magazines and listings in the papers. Taking a look at pictures provided will let you know what houses are going on sale these days and will give you an idea about what kind of house you want. Go online and do this there as well. Chances are, you will get a whole lot more especially in the way of pictures, online. Also, look at getting a broker. Brokers will have access to listings and will help you narrow down your search according to budget and preference.

May 22nd, 2015

Best Time to Invest is Now

Posted by Robert in Financing, Real Estate, Tips

Investing in the US real estate market today can be pretty risky. There’s no avoiding the thought that the market has been in a tailspin lately and, according to sources, may get worse by the end of the year. Yet, this may also be the best time to invest, as real estate values are down and you easier to buy and invest into.

Here are some basic tips in real estate investing:

  • Find an agent with the right experience. An agent whose name appears on a lot of signs on locations or property for sale will know on how to best price and sell your real estate
  • Make low offers correctly. A low offer to a sales agent may offend him but you need to be upfront on things or concerns about what needs to be repaired or improved in your real estate.
  • Look for extra opportunities. These are things like a full basement that can be converted into living space, or attic space that can be made into a bedroom or office, or an extra lot that can be split off and sold without reducing the value of the home much.
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