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March 24th, 2013

Room Additions Prices in Austin: Are They within Budget?

Posted by Mish Asia in Tips

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If your  home is becoming too small for the family. As the family grows, everyone is starting to fight to use the two bathrooms in your home every morning and this is just causing chaos. Plus, your wife is pregnant and you need an extra room for a nursery. You have thought about moving to a different home but you have fallen in love with your neighborhood, thus, your best option is to get room additions for your home. Or are you simply wanting to put a little Thai school for Thai classes in your area? This peculiar scenarios are not impossible.

In any home problem, there is a solution. One of the best solutions to date is the room addition although it is not cheap. The average room additions prices in Austin are around $30,000 for a small bathroom and around $250,000 for a larger room. The rates can vary from $90/sf and $250/sf depending on the extent of work needed for the room addition. You can always try to look for room addition builders that prices cheaper but never forget the quality of the service as well as the materials used. All in all, room additions are better solutions compared to buying a new home.

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